Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Flaming Lips 2011 Freak Out !!

I haven't made my plans yet but this is very tempting:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Keep Moogy In Your Thoughts and Prayers

Moogy Klingman wrote some of the more memorable songs from the 70s including Bette Midler's signature "(You Gotta Have) Friends" (with Buzzy Linhart) and the bluesy confessional "Dust In The Wind" which leads off side 4 of Todd Rundgren's magnum opus "Something/Anything."

Moogy has served as Bette's musical director and was the executive producer of the "Music From Free Creek" super-session that featured Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Emerson and many others.

Moogy provided the musical foundation for Todd Rundgren's Utopia with his own group Moogy & the Rhythm Kings and was a very large influence over the first two Utopia recordings.

Moogy played live with frickin' Lou Reed and that's a show worth risking the perils of time travel (you know, wormhole navigation and molecular regeneration) to go back and see!

Moogy jammed with Jimi!

Moogy was kind enough to write and record two wonderful songs for our Medicine Park projects.

Moogy wrote and recorded a plethora of funky, soulful, spiritual, rollicking rock and roll tunes in the 70s and has continued to write and perform in New York City to this very day.

And now Moogy is involved in a very serious health battle and needs our support.

"Moogy wants to play a solo so let's give him a chance."

Please send your thoughts, prayers and positive vibrations to Moogy Klingman. Thank you.

Moogy Klingman CDs can be bought at Moogy Music.