Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Music from Buva

Buva has released his third full-length CD Not Scary! Friendly which is available from CD Baby. Reminiscient of 70s era Beach Boys with a modern sheen and his typical dynamic arrangements.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Utopian Dreams

The following is a not so impartial review of Utopian Dreams, the new release of an old live-in-the-studio recording by Moogy & the Rhythm Kings, Long Island, March 1972.

The set opens with the rollicking locomotive grind of Midnite Train. Next up is the funky Tonite I Wanna Love Me A Stranger that sports a cool Dr. John vibe. The soulful confessional Dust In The Wind follows which is without question one of Moogy’s best-known and beloved compositions. The instrumental Heaven On Earth is a jazzy delight, reminiscent of some of that era’s better prog-bop tracks. Woulda fit in nicely in Mickey Rourke’s Barfly flick. The great Ralph Schuckett takes center stage for the next two tunes, the street-wise shuffle of Gimme That Bread and the bittersweet ballad Welcome To My House that’s sure to be a fan favorite, especially in light of the fact that 38 years after the actual performance most of us Boomers can relate to the beautifully expressed sentiment. Just a wonderful song. The following four are all Moogy standards (I Can Love / Cryin’ In The Sunshine / Kilpatrick’s Defeat / The Man At Ease) delivered with typical soulful flare and tight arrangements. I’m A Ram is an all-out rock-funk jam with plenty of electric piano and organ solos. Makin’ The Rounds At Midnite is a self-professed hunk of funk with a tip of the hat to Jerry Lee. The set concludes with Raised On An Island which starts off with a distinct Siomos drum beat, then John Siegler falls in on bass, then Schuckett on organ, and finally Moogy offers his “humble lick on the piano.”

“We’re gonna rock and roll all day, we’re gonna rock and roll my friend,
We’re gonna rock and roll all night, then we’ll rock all over again!”

It turned out to be more than just a Utopian Dream, it laid the foundation for one of the most respected and creative musical forces of the era – a few years later the mother ship landed and out popped Todd with his spacey guitar and Utopia became a reality. And now thirty-eight years later the founding father is still rockin’ – Keep On Rockin’ Moogy!

Utopian Dreams is brought to you by Moogy Klingman and Silver Moon Music and is available for purchase from the Silver Moon web site. NOTE: the performances are grand, the sound quality not exactly pristine. My suggestion is to dial down the bass, bump up the treble, crank the V and enjoy with a Newcastle Brown or three.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tom Getter Slack - Looking Glass

One of the nice things about having released a few CDs on my Medicine Park label is that I've had the priviledge to make some musical friends along the way. One of those is a fellow from Pittsburg named Tom Getter Slack who recently sent me his new CD Looking Glass. Wow - this is really a very nice effort best described as melodic, peaceful, even sweet. There are a couple of instrumentals tossed in but most songs are concise introspective vignettes. Available from CD Baby for only $8.99. Recommended!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top Picks for 2010

Some of these might have actually been officially released before 2010 but these are the ones I listened to the most. All are available at the Silver Moon aStore.



HAMMOCK - Chasing After Shadows

THE HOLD STEADY - Heaven Is Whenever

JEN OLIVE - Warm Robot

LAST DAYS - Safety Of The North

LAURA VEIRS - July Flame

LYLE WORKMAN - Harmonic Crusader

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS - The Life of the World to Come

PETER MULVEY - Letters From a Flying Machine

SETH SWIRSKY - Watercolor Day

SPOOKEY RUBEN - Mechanical Royalty


THE WEEPIES - Be My Thrill

WILLIAM BRITTELLE - Television Landscape